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Hey, guys! I found the video of Michael Caine (who plays Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight) on The Tonight Show yesterday, hooray! I originally found it here, so thanks to the blog owner. I uploaded it for anyone who might have missed it or just want to watch it again. Enjoy! And sorry about […]

EDIT: Holy total revamp, Batman! I’m completely redoing this post, because Tommy—the owner of the amazing Bat-Blog—has found the whole friggin’ segment of Aaron Eckhart when he was on The Tonight Show the other day. So here it is, coming to you in two parts. | |

I just watched the multi-Academy Award-winning and two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The charming, sweet, and funny Michael Caine, who plays Alfred Pennyworth—Bruce Wayne’s butler of similar characteristics—in The Dark Knight, which comes out next freaking Friday. Yesterday the great actor was honored with a hand and footprint […]