Best b-day EVER!


I want to say thanks to all the people on the net who have made this birthday great so far. Yup, I turn nineteen today! I just ate lunch at a fun little Mexican restaurant called Qdoba, and now I’m taking a quick break from enjoying the fantastic weather to check up on some things online. And then, mmmm, cookie cake later! ;D

So cheers to Mike (for being awesome and putting up with CN’s lagging just to wish me a happy b-day), John (for spoiling me so much), and the great writers at ComicNerd—who posted lovely birthday wishes and made me what I’m considering the best Bat-pic ever created.

Bats is just overjoyed. Look at that face!

And here’s to The Dark Knight in, holy shit, four more days! I’m going to hyperventilate! July is going to add up to such an exciting month.

UPDATE: And thanks to the fabulous writers and readers of the Girls Entertainment Network for their awesome happy b-day comments. And fellow writer Traycee put this in her comment:

Happy birthday to OUR caped crusader!!

“Blow out your candle,” said the Joker!!

Aw, I’m such a sucker for Batman—even if it is the horribly bad and corny ’60s version. 😛 But considering that I just watched that the other night for a post I’m doing for (should be up tomorrow, btw) … that’s especially hilarious.

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2 Responses to “Best b-day EVER!”

  1. 1 John


    Is there any left? Can I have some?

  2. Ha, yeah, there is. But I don’t think it would ship that well. That’s just too bad. 😛

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