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This, my friends, is hilarious. And so is this.

All right, here’s the email I received from today. This is an update of the last press release I got from them on Monday (see the previous post). INTO THE TOP 20 “Dark Knight” No. 17 Pre-seller of All-Time As the movie ticketing paradigm continues to shift to the online realm, “Dark Knight” […] sent me some more Dark Knight ticket sale info Monday and today. Here is Monday’s press release. I’ll put up today’s in another post in a sec. ‘DARK KNIGHT’ CONTINUES TO SELL OUT; OUTPACES HIGHEST-EARNING BLOCKBUSTERS Four days prior to its release, already has over 700 performances of ‘Dark Knight’ sold out in […]

Hey, guys! My review of Batman: Gotham Knight is up over at the Girls Entertainment Network! Click to image below to go read it (I also added it to the “Films” section of my blog).