Costumed geeks unite!


It’s pretty amazing what viral marketing has done for The Dark Knight. Just check out this article by The New York Times. Unbelievable! That article also features the awesome photo below. I know box office numbers say nothing about a quality of a film—that in reality, it is our voice that matters. So here (and here). It matters. This movie is brilliant.

(By the way, although the movie reviews of TDK should be up early next week, eventually I want to really explore the complexities of the film myself. But to really wrap my head around all its layers … I need to see it multiple times. Which means it might not be until it’s released on dvd—which is months from now, obviously—before I feel comfortable enough to examine it at such an in-depth level. That’s something I want to take my time on and do right.)

I’m pretty bummed, actually, that when I went to see TDK I didn’t see anyone dressed up. In retrospect, I think it was probably when I went that made the difference. So I’m asking you guys to help me out. If you happen to snap a pic of anyone in costume, share it here. By the time I see the movie again (hopefully on IMAX with my good friend Tim), I doubt I’ll actually see anyone dressed up and get the chance, unfortunately. Meh. Oh well, I guess, right?

Maybe it’s that I was really hoping to see some costumed geeks, or maybe it’s the fact that the viral thrill we’ve endured for so long has come to an end. (Yeah, it came to an exhilarating end, mind you: the movie.) But I’ve got this sinking feeling … I mean, this could be it. Christopher Nolan might not give us another Bat-film. I really want one more. Granted, he could end with The Dark Knight and it would have its closure, but I really feel—and felt as the movie was ending—that he has one more great Batman story to tell. So maybe that is the source of this somewhat anxious, hanging feeling: that TDK isn’t the right end note at all. And that if he doesn’t make a third, I’ll be left wondering all the things the end of TDK suggested (or left me considering) he should explore next.

I dunno. Would you guys be disappointed if this was the last Nolan-Batman movie, or would you be satisfied with what we’ve gotten? I don’t think Nolan would screw things up and give us a Spider-Man 3 or an X-men 3. He’s much too competent for that.

Anywho, moving on. On a lighter note, here are some cool things to check out. Have you see Tim Whalen’s magazine cover art? Pretty awesome. And this article is just hilarious. has an interview with David Goyer about The Dark Knight, the questionable state of the Justice League movie, and some other film projects. And here’s one with Maggie Gyllenhaal. /Film also has an excellent interview with director Christopher Nolan, who did a spectacular job on TDK.

You know, I’ve been praising Nolan, the other writers, and all the actors for their work on the film—but here’s to Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard for the breathtaking soundtrack.

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