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All right. My review—along with fellow ComicNerd writer Redhollywood’s, Clayton’s, and soon CN owner JC’s—of The Dark Knight is up for your reading pleasure. Click on the pic below to go read it. By the way, according to /Film and a poll conducted last weekend by Fandango, 64% of Dark Knight moviegoers plan on seeing […]



So that interview I mentioned before that I would be doing for the Girls Entertainment Network? It was with Ron Marz. Yup. The comics writer. It was pretty awesome to get to talk to him about Top Cow’s new Broken Trinity, the mini-series he’s writing. And you can read the interview by clicking the image […]

Here’s what I wrote for GEN this week. UPDATE: By the way, I think the format for these GEN week-in-review posts are so … clunky. I like the ComicNerd formats much better—and they’re so much easier, too. I think I’m going to work on a redesign for next time.

Here’s what I reviewed this week.