Dark Knight, but bright box office weekend


All right. My review—along with fellow ComicNerd writer Redhollywood’s, Clayton’s, and soon CN owner JC’s—of The Dark Knight is up for your reading pleasure. Click on the pic below to go read it.

By the way, according to /Film and a poll conducted last weekend by Fandango, 64% of Dark Knight moviegoers plan on seeing the film again—62% of those respondents crediting Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance for the reason why.

Hell. Yes.


4 Responses to “Dark Knight, but bright box office weekend”

  1. “Maggie Gyllenhaal gave Rachel Dawes even more spunk, passion, and fire—and made her way more courageous than even Katie Holmes’s Rachel was. Kudos.”

    Let me just say: I told you so.

    Oh, and yes that’s all I took out of your review cause I know you made a scrunchy face. :p

  2. LOL.

    A scrunchy face? 😀 What?

  3. I’ll see it again…and again probably. But not because of Heath. I was so engrossed in watching his performance the first time that I need to concentrate on everyone else next time. 🙂

  4. Yeah, that’s so true. Heath is just so damn magnetic, that when he comes back on screen you’re like, “YESSS.” It’s not that the other actors don’t do a great job—hell yeah they DO. But it’s just you’re so captivated by Heath’s performance, it’s unbelievably good, you just want to see more of it.

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