Rory’s First Kiss was golden


Okay, you’re probably all getting a little bored with all the reports I’ve been posting via press releases about how well The Dark Knight is doing at the box office. Frankly, I am, too. With hype as incredible as it has been for this movie, it’s no wonder they’re raking in the dough. Flashy numbers are nice to know at first, but it gets tiresome really quickly. Granted, TDK has been making records here, folks, but I think we can all agree what matters most now is audience and fan reaction.

And it’s been more than praising. I’ve made some mentions recently on how unbelievably well received this film has been in the several days it’s been out now. It’s true, some people don’t like it—but based on polls, official reviews, and fan reactions/reviews, the majority of moviegoers are still drooling over The Dark Knight. Heads are still spinning, and they’re going back for more. Batman fans are ecstatic (just check the poll on Batman-On-Film’s main page), but non-fans are loving it, too, and that says not only a lot about this film’s quality, but a lot about what Christopher Nolan has done for comic book movies … forever.

So congrats, Bats. Kudos to the Nolan brothers, to David S. Goyer, to the fantastic actors, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, to gracious and welcoming Chicago for letting them violently abuse their city—and to everyone else who made this film what it is. Costume designers, choreographers, etc. Fantastic job.

We’ll see you at the Oscars. (Hopefully they pull that giant pretentious stick out of their asses first, screw their heads on straight, and recognize TDK for what it’s worth instead of dismissing it as a so-so comic book movie—which it isn’t—and washing their hands of it and the genre all-together. You know, like they usually do.)


5 Responses to “Rory’s First Kiss was golden”

  1. My kid was totally thrilled with the soundtrack to this film. James Newton Howard never dissappoints. My fave score of his though is The Sixth Sense. He knows how to put the music to the mood.

    And yeah…the Oscars better not turn their collective noses up. I’ll be pissed.

  2. And by Sixth Sense I totally meant Signs. Jesus. I need this week to be over. Ugh.

  3. 3 John

    It’s totally Oscar material. There won’t be a better-written film with better performances this year. It’s a towering achievement. I sincerely hope we remember 2008 as the year Batman won the Oscar.

  4. Kerstin: Haha, I loved The Sixth Sense AND Signs. But damn, what’s happening to M. Knight Shaymalan and his movies lately? It’s just going downhill … meh.

    John: Me, too.

    And hey, sorry about the craziness of my internet connection. I’m finally back online (grr storms) and I realized I missed, like, half of your ims. Eek!

    Anywho, is that what happened with Bale? I read that he was arrested or going to be arrested because his mom and sister said he assaulted them, but they left him go because of TDK stuff. But I was like, “What? Mmm Bale?!” The article I read was just little and not very informative—where did you read that about Bale, though?

  5. 5 John

    Basically it sounds like mom and sister showed up at his hotel wanting money, he told them to leave, they talked trash about his wife, and yelling ensued. It’s actually illegal to yell at someone in public in England, and that would have been the charge, but the cops didn’t charge him. And the mom and the sister keep changing their stories. Sounds very fishy.

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