Third claw’s a charm


Zomg. Hugh Jackman at Comic-Con.

And a Wolverine movie teaser! has a description of the footage, and you can read it here (or on Superhero Hype!)–and see what other X-men will be popping up in the film. What the hell: Emma Frost? They’re kidding, right? Okay, I want to know how all these characters are going to fit into Wolverine’s origin story. Really. The more I learn about this movie (which isn’t much so far), the more of an unsettling place I find myself in when I think about it. They better do this right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“You’re going to know everything there is to know about Wolverine by the end of this movie.”

… Oh, god.

I absolutely loved Wolverine: Origin. It’s sitting in its fancy hardcover version on my favorite bookshelf. But just the way Jackson said that, I’m even more nervous. Yeah, they’re going to be covering a lot—hello, it’s Wolverine’s origin/history. But dude, leave a little mystery, please. The way he makes it sound, it seems like it’s going to make him so … bland, so examined to death. When you take all the enigma out of a character who’s as great as Wolverine is, you lose the allure—unless you do it right (see: Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke).

Discuss: I mean, is it just me here, or should we all be worried that this is going to go horribly wrong? Or is it just the juxtaposition of having just seen The Dark Knight—which is incredibly dark, and rightfully so (just like Wolverine is as a character)—and now talking about Wolverine? I mean, there’s obviously no way in hell Wolverine is going to be as great as TDK. Comic book movies, my friends, have changed forever; the movies already in-production have no way to accommodate to that.

The only thing that’s putting my mind at ease is thinking about who the screenwriter is: David Benioff. Really, that’s why I haven’t completely lost faith in this film. He’s supposed to be a fantastic character writer—and a great one all around. I, well, hope so.


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