Nurse—no, NO, AHH!


Did I mention this artist kicks ass? Seriously, his comic book strips are awesome. I’ve posted some before, and will totally continue to do so.

You know, the Joker as a nurse isn’t hard to imagine—if he was a nurse at Arkham Asylum. Any Bat-fan knows how ridiculous Arkham’s security is. It’s really a shame that Lock-Up is nuts: he did wonders for security.

Heath Ledger’s Nurse Joker was fantastic to watch. That wig, that strut, that outfit? Hilarious.

Looking at that strip, I’m wondering if maybe that DID take place in Arkham. Yeah, yeah, I know: it was Gotham General Hospital or whatever in the film. But look at that—blood all over his pillow? And where are his bandages (he was just fucking burned)? Health inspectors would have a field day …

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