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Damn you, Sith!


Hey, guys! I got an email today from The Dark Knight has settled in at the Number Two slot for the Top-5 Performing Films of All-Time. W00t! Those Bat-characters know how to sell tickets! Here’s a snippet from the email. Damned Sith. 😉

Safety First tip #218: look out for the mob. The Harry Potter fan mobs. Because they’re coming, and if you aren’t careful, they will crush you like an insect in their thunderous wake. And if you think I’m exaggerating then you have never seen a diehard Harry Potter fan. They’re nuts. Yes, I love Harry […]

More Watchmen movie news! In 2009, the world will watch the Watchmen. And there’s only two words I can say to that: hell yeah. has a great article about their set visit that’s worth checking out. And /Film has some good SDCC Watchmen panel info about a director’s cut version of the film—which is […]