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Check out what I reviewed for this week. Plus, I posted this about the Watchmen movie (which comes out next year). So does Wolverine. Eeee, excited! ;D Advertisements

New format! Let me know what you think of it. Anyway, here’s what I wrote this week for GEN.

This is crazy! The Dark Knight refuses to say die. This movie is still holding strong after nine days. According to /Film, TDK is expected to gross $77 million this weekend—half of what it made last weekend, the biggest opening on record. Damn. If so, the film will have grossed $315 million by Monday, surpassing […]

God, I love Star Wars. Good memories, man (including those of the Playstation 1 fighting game, right, Tim?). And Boba Fett and the Tusken Raiders (like Hoar) are some of my favorite characters. So enjoy these Spike commercials [via /Film].



Yaay! I love the Bat-Blog. And Tommy (great guy, talked to him a few times, very nice), the owner/creator, was interviewed by (I love that channel) about his website—deemed Site of the Week. Congrats, you deserve it, Tommy! This guy updates his site a few times every day, and it’s always fun to read. […]

Zomg. Hugh Jackman at Comic-Con. And a Wolverine movie teaser! has a description of the footage, and you can read it here (or on Superhero Hype!)–and see what other X-men will be popping up in the film. What the hell: Emma Frost? They’re kidding, right? Okay, I want to know how all these characters […]

Okay, you’re probably all getting a little bored with all the reports I’ve been posting via press releases about how well The Dark Knight is doing at the box office. Frankly, I am, too. With hype as incredible as it has been for this movie, it’s no wonder they’re raking in the dough. Flashy […]