The gods shall look down and smite us


Evidently there’s going to be a God of War movie. Yay—another horrible video game to movie adaptation! What’s worse, according to /Film, it looks like past rumors of Brett Ratner (infamously credited for slaughtering the third X-men film) directing it might now be closer to fact. Here’s hoping the gods have mercy on us.

I just recently hopped on the God of War bandwagon when I picked up the first installment at my local GameStop the other day. Err, chariot. Wait. That’s the right mythology, right?


2 Responses to “The gods shall look down and smite us”

  1. 1 Gil

    I was late to the God of War bandwagon as well. I have completed part one and have only begun the second one. Now I hear that there is a third one being worked on for the ps3. Seems like so little time anymore 😦

  2. I’m fucking stuck. LOL. The baddies just keep kicking my red and white painted ass! 😛

    But it’s fun, I love it.

    Yeah, I heard that, too. We are behind on the times, aren’t we? Who knows when I’ll be able to afford a PS3—and even then I’ll have to get it used. That’s how I got my PS2, and it was only a few years after that that they came out with the third system. It sucks being broke.

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