Nitpickers, gather ye ’round


I just read a good article on about Batman. Well, about his voice, actually. And I wanted to get some fellow moviegoers’ input on this.

It’s kind of hard to miss the dramatic change in Christian Bale’s Bat-voice in Nolan’s sequel, The Dark Knight. In Batman Begins, at least, it was extremely cool. Playboy Bruce Wayne had a smooth, carefree voice that matched the handsome exterior, while Batman’s vocals were very much a creature of the night themselves. Raspy, deep, powerful. Frightening. And it rocked.

That scene kicks so much ass.

Yet there were times you could still detect his regular voice behind the rough facade. It was very Kevin Conroy—THE voice of Batman.

Conroy’s been doing both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego’s voice for years through various animated cartoons and movies. Since 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series, to be exact; his latest portrayal was also Conroy’s return to the role in Batman: Gotham Knight.

Okay, I’m going to see The Dark Knight again soon, but it’s pretty obvious even the first time watching it that Bale has kicked it up—or down?—a notch. The voice is grittier. Seriously, the dude has to take deep breaths just to get out a few words. And the nitpickers who didn’t like Batman’s rough tone in Batman Begins are coming back in full force—with new recruits.

So where do you stand? Are they right? Has Bale gone too far, past the point where the cool voice is worth anything at all? Should we give Bats a Halls?

Hopefully this weekend I’ll be seeing the film on IMAX, so I’ll be sure to take mental notes and deliver my verdict afterwards (with a full throttle review, by the way, that expands on this). I’m not sure whether I like it better (deeper = good?) or worse than, say, Batman’s voice in Batman Begins. I’ll let you know; in the meantime, I’d love to see you guys weigh in.

4 Responses to “Nitpickers, gather ye ’round”

  1. 1 John

    This debate is such bullshit. In half the scenes that people are griping about, Batman is hurt. When he and The Joker are having their talk at the end, he’s supporting The Joker’s weight AND he’s just been knifed in the gut. So of course his voice shows the extra strain of physical fatigue and a serious injury on top of the usual Batman rasp; that’s a smart acting choice on the part of Bale and director Nolan.

    And then at the end, when he’s talking to Gordon, he’s got his eyes closed in pain because now he’s been shot in the stomach in addition to being knifed in the gut in addition to being utterly physically and emotionally destroyed.

    I probably wouldn’t be talking very well, either.

    And that’s my take on that. 🙂

  2. I saw this article when it came out. Now, don’t completely hate me because you KNOW how much I LOVE TDK. I mean really, really love it. But my first thought was “Seriously? With all the other crap going on in this country and the world, not to mention the freaking Olympics coming up, and all this person can do is GRIPE about Batman’s VOICE?”

    Ridiculous. Plus, how can you be mad at ANYTHING that comes out of Christian Bale’s mouth? So that guy can just suck it for all I care.

  3. Hahaha, you both have very good points. 😛

    And I KNOW. I love just listening to Bale talk … ;D

  4. All in all Christian Bale rules!!! But, I do think, in a couple scenes, he was “pushing it”. Although, John makes a good point, I think CB was trying to hard to sound tough. I didn’t find that in Batman Begins.

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