Hurts as bad as a knife to the mouth


Ohh, yeah. The Dark Knight is still kicking some serious ass—Batman and Joker-style.

The film broke $400 million at the box office twenty-five days quicker than the previous record holder, Shrek 2. If this trend continues (as it’s expected to), it’s pretty much in the bag for being only the second movie in history to reach $500 million.

It’s predicted that by Tuesday TDK will trump Spider-Man and take the #7 slot on the all-time box office chart—consequently taking the crown from Spidey for top grossing comic book adaptation.

That’s our Bats.

Read more on Newsarama.

And by the way, if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet—why the hell not?!

UPDATE: Yup, TDK has done it, all right. Oh snap!


2 Responses to “Hurts as bad as a knife to the mouth”

  1. 1 Ize

    The Dark Knight – The Best Batman Film.

  2. Hell yeah. 😀

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