Zombies are underrated


Blogs that are actually mini stories are so much fun, and they’re such a great way to get feedback and get people to interact with and involved in fiction. Like The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster from awhile back, or a progression of stories at the same author’s other blog, I Am a Cheeseburger. They’re creative and fun, and can really show off your love of something (like Darth Vader).

And who doesn’t love zombies? Hey, I’m a big Resident Evil fan. Grr. Argh. (Ten points to the first person to tell me what that’s from!)

Check out Chad Jacobs’s blog: a kind of diary of a zombie, pointing out how misunderstood zombies are and how much it sucks to live as one.

I’d say it was hilarious, ingenius, and sweet, but then Chad might say, “GOD! This is just a joke to everyone, isn’t it?!”

(Note: Yes, I know there are no zombies in RE4. I didn’t make the pic, I found it here.)

2 Responses to “Zombies are underrated”

  1. 1 chadjacobs

    I really prefer something other than the “Z” word.

  2. Heartbeat-challenged?
    Body condition? 🙂

    Enjoying the blog, Chad! It’s very interesting (and enlightening) to read a zombie’s perspective on life.

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