The Batman


I saw this awesome poster on /Film today. A fan made a fake poster for The Dark Knight sequel advertising his obvious villain of choice: the Riddler. The poster is clearly inspired by the grimy Why So Serious? viral stuff, but in this case, it works perfectly with the Riddler because of his classic cut-and-paste letters/riddles. This is really cool and very well done, as the newspaper actually incorporates things we would see in the DK sequel. I love all the little details.

Discuss: /Film brought up a point: the next movie isn’t going to be called “The Dark Knight Returns” unless it’s based on the Frank Miller graphic novel (and Nolan’s next Bat-film, at least, most likely won’t be). Peter Sciretta of /Film says he heard a rumor that the next title could involved the signature name, “The Batman.”

But what do you guys think the next Nolan film should be called? Personally, I think “The Batman”—by itself, anyway—is too plain; even if the next movie is based on DKR, that would be too mundane of a title. Sciretta suggested “The Return of the Batman,” but that doesn’t make sense to me, either (and the “Returns” thing has been done before—it’s just too cliche).

I think that, logically, the title should have something to do with either the villain—and I know a lot of you are hoping for the Riddler, but I want to see someone fresh and that might be just what they do, according to David Goyer—or Batman being hunted in Gotham.

(Missed my big TDK review? Read it, I say! Let me know what you think! I worked hard on that bugger. 😛 )


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