The Dark Knight Strikes Back


For four weeks The Dark Knight was the #1 movie in the US. Well, it’s reign of awesome has come to an end, but not before becoming the second highest domestic grossing movie with $471.5 million—putting Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) in third place ($461 million, including a number of re-releases since its debut).

It also knocked the new animated movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, down to third place for the weekend. Heh.

Pwned, bitch.

More about this on Superhero Hype!.

(Hmm, subject line = possible TDK sequel title? Nah, just kidding.)


2 Responses to “The Dark Knight Strikes Back”

  1. I actually read from a trusted source that the title of the next Nolan/Bale Bat-movie will be When The Dark Knight Asks You For Your Pancakes, You Give The Dark Knight Your Pancakes.

    You can probably take that to the bank.

  2. Batman: “Where are the pancakes?!”

    Sal Maroni: “I don’t know, they always contact us, they never tell us where they’ll be!”

    Batman: “They must have friends!”

    Sal: “You’ve got rules … The pancakes, they got no rules … No one’s gonna cross them for you.”

    Sal to Gordon: “I can tell you where the syrup will be tonight.”

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