Randy is the man


Oh. My god.

Everyone—especially comics writers/artists—should take a lesson from Randy Queen. So get out a pen and a piece of paper, or take a solid mental note. Because folks, I’ve never met him, but if I did, I’m sure my future self would tell my present self that Randy Queen is one of the coolest people I will ever meet. The man knows how to treat comics readers, that’s for sure.

Because I’m a writer for the Girls Entertainment Network, certain doors have been opened for me. And what might seem just another day-in-the-life to more experienced writers or people somehow involved or connected with the industry is incredibly awesome for me.

Awhile back we received a press release about Starfall, an upcoming comic mini-series by Randy Queen (author of Darkchylde). I was actually very praising of and impressed with the description and the cover art for the preview book, which debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

In July, Randy Queen himself popped up on the GEN forums thanking the site for their coverage of Starfall. What? I just posted a press release! What kind of guy personally takes the time to thank a site for posting a press release?

An awesome one, that’s what kind.

I mentioned to Randy in the thread that I was bummed I couldn’t make it out to SDCC, because I would love to meet him and the Top Cow crew, who have been sooo good to us at GEN. Randy’s response? (That’s right, he stuck around for responses—awesome!)

He said for me to pm him my address and he’d send me a copy of the preview book.

My jaw-dropped.

What’s more, when he wrote back to my pm with my address and me saying how cool that was of him to do, he asked me if I’d heard of his previous creator-owned comic, Darkchylde (apparently very “popular with the ladies,” hee hee).

How freaking cool is that?

So what’s the moral of the story, kids? Always be good to your fans—including ones who weren’t even fans at the time. I’ve only been with GEN for about five months now, so yeah, I haven’t talked to that many people in the comic book industry yet. But I know one thing: they should all be as cool as Randy. He’s seems genuinely warm and honest—no big ego.

One day I’m going to have to haul my ass to one of the Comic-Cons, because it’s a definite that I have to someday meet Randy Queen. He’s earned major points in my book just for being such a neat person. At this point, I can only say I hope there are more comic book writers/artists like him out there, and that I get a chance to talk or meet with them.

To show my appreciation, I’m going to be posting something on GEN regarding the Starfall preview book, and I’ll be reviewing the Darkchylde trade, too (maybe here). So I urge you to check out the new series. Why? Because doesn’t it rock when not only comics are great, but the people behind them are wonderful, too?

Randy, if you happen to be reading this … Here’s to you: a sweet and generous guy who happens to be a comic book writer and artist. Best of luck!

(More pictures here.)

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