Heart and soul


This little piece of art (“boy make girl feel good”) by the amazing Dustin Nguyen … is one of the most beautiful drawings I have ever seen.

Not only are the boy and the girl embraced, but their bodies have literally become one, as the lines of the drawing melt into one another. And if you pay attention, the shape resembles the curves of the heart.

Absolutely beautiful. Good work, Dustin. (What better artist to work on the DetectiveHeart of Hush” storyline?)


2 Responses to “Heart and soul”

  1. I still haven’t had a chance to pick up this week’s “Heart of Hush” installment. I hope it involves Batman putting The Hurt on crazy Tommy Elliot. 🙂

    And that’s a beautiful drawing indeed, Stepha-Bees-Knees. Nguyen rocks.

  2. I haven’t, either. Josh is going to try to get that for me, though (I sent him the link).

    Haha, as long as The Hurt has nothing to do with a certain Doctor … ;D

    It is. And yes, he does. 🙂

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