Like cool stuff? Well, here you go


Because The Sword is AWESOME.

One of the interviews I’ve been cooking up—in which I talk with Joshua and Jonathan Luna about their comic for Image called The Sword—is now online for your reading pleasure (just click the banner below). If you haven’t checked this comic out, please do. It’s fantastic.

Big thanks to Image and the brothers for the opportunity!

UPDATE: The brothers have linked to it on the main page of their site!


3 Responses to “Like cool stuff? Well, here you go”

  1. Yes! Loving Sword more than… Well, lot’s of things. I’m still waiting to get my hands on Girls. I wasn’t with it enough to pick it up when it started, but now I can read the whole thing all in one sitting!

  2. I’m going to have to pick up Girls, too. I really like the brothers’ work. And YES, Sword rocks! I’m so excited about being able to do that interview.

  3. The Brothers are excited about your interview, too; they’re pimping it on their website and their MySpace. 🙂

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