Hyperventilation, hooray!


Squee! Oh my freaking God, they’re re-releasing Batman: The Animated Series on dvd! Every episode ALL IN ONE snazzy package, baby. This beautiful creation is $75 on Amazon … but boy, is it worth it! You can bet I’ll be picking this up sometime this winter, because I’ve wanted this for sooo long (BTAS was one of my favorite cartoons growing up in the nineties) but I’ve had such trouble finding all the episodes and seasons together. It’s ridunkulous.

The bundle releases November 4. Thanks to the awesome Jett, owner and maintainer of Batman-on-Film, for the info!

Ahem, and speaking of BOF—one of my favorite sites and one of the best Batman fansites, if not THE best, EVER … Remember that “top secret” bit of news I’ve been keeping under wraps for the last week or two? Well …

I got a new gig—with Batman-on-Film! Holy snap! 😀

Jett asked me if I wanted to write for the site and we got to work on figuring out a plan. I was going to be reviewing the Catwoman title, but damnit, neither of us knew that the upcoming issue then (#82) was the last one due to poor sales. Haha! It’s okay though, I got a much sweeter deal. I’ll be reviewing Nightwing monthly, doing a monthly Batman in comics wrap-up, and reviewing any one-shots/minis/graphic novels that catch my eye as they are released (in fact, I have at least one idea so far).

W00t! I am SO psyched! Jett, if you happen to be reading this … THANK YOU! I love, love, LOVE the site.

You can check out my first Nightwing review and my column about Bat-comics for the month of August, w00t! And keep an eye out for updates right here on my blog—I’ll let you know when something of mine gets put up on BOF. These posts will be stashed in the “BOF” section under categories, as well.

Man, you can tell I’m happy when I start using caps.

NOTE: And thanks for the very sweet congrats, co-worker John! ;D


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