I am such a Donnie Darko geek. Yes, I am a proud member of that amazing film’s cult following. Eventually I’m going to have to write a review for my blog. Or actually, I could post a paper I wrote last year on it (like I did with Harvey Dent in Batman Annual #14 and Anton Chigurgh of No Country for Old Men) until I finally get around to doing that—if, that is, I can dig it up, haha.

Anyway, I bought this awesome poster today (goodbye, food money).

The poster isn’t crooked on my wall, that’s just the way I was holding the camera. I was trying to aim it so the flash would be off of the center picture, but … ugh, damn flash.

Just thought I’d share. Any fellow DD fans out there? Remember there’s going to be a sequel, apparently? … Did I just ruin your day by reminding you?  Yeah, there goes mine.


2 Responses to “CHUT UP!”

  1. 1 lucienlachance

    I love Donnie Darko. I love Anton Chigurgh from No Country For Old Men, as well (he’s awesome!). I haven’t sat down and watched Donnie Darko in quite some time. I need to do that. Remember the number he has written on his arm, the countdown until doomsday? I totally have that on my wall….

  2. Anton is freaky. Seriously.

    Me either! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that movie, but I need to watch it again. 🙂

    28 days … 6 hours … 42 minutes … 12 seconds. That … is when the world … will end. ;D

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