As Lex Luthor said to Clark Kent in the season seven finale of Smallville, “I loved you like a brother, Clark. But I has to end this way. I’m sorry.”

That’s like, receiving a boquet of flowers, only to find out that the Joker is giving them to you, and you just got acid squirted in your eye. (And the Joker wouldn’t appologize.)

Anyway, that’s my feeling toward my blog of late. It’s been getting the short end of the stick (and weekly regurgitation of the stuff I post on other sites SO does NOT count as legitimate posts), and I apologize for that. I just realized I posted absolutely nothing this week! I’ve been heavily buried (we’re talking several feet under here, kids) under college work, life, and writing a hell of a lot for various websites. The college work is bogging me down, but as far as my writing stuff goes, exciting opportunities just keep landing in my lap. I can’t always share them right away, but I’ll be certain to spread the squee on my blog when I can.

So sorry about the craziness. I’ll try to be a better bloggess. 😀 Hopefully I can get some reviews pumped out (I have several planned, beloved readers), as well as the usual random goodness of things Stephanie finds on the internet.

And speaking of Smallville, did you catch the season premiere? (When are we going to get to see Doomsday, damnit!)

Mmm, Justin Hartley. Lois and Clark, Lois and Clark! And get a disguise already, Kent! Yeesh.

Oh yeah, donning his red jacket was totally anti-dramatic symbolism, considering it should be the cape AND the fact that he’s worn that jacket for how many seasons now.

Poor Clark, he really isn’t all that bright, either … “What are you doing?” “Just roll with it.” And he didn’t even understand what Lois was scheming, did he? Yeahhh … It’s okay, Smallville. We love you anyway.

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