Wait, I’m a lesbian now?


(What a fucking great title. But no, I’m not a lesbian. I just like messing with you. Bwahaha!)

Not too long ago I wrote a post saying how I’ve been told I look like Shirley Manson as well as Julianna Hatfield.

Well, another name has been added to the web of celebrities people say I look like. (This is getting kind of fun.)

Honest to God, someone just told me I look like Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Considering I’m a Buffy fan (I did name my cat after our favorite Slayer) and a Whendonite … how fucking sweet is that? Hell, I’ll take it. 😀 Kick ass.

Damn, the universe seriously wants me to indulge in this Buffy nostalgia I’ve been feeling lately. Dark Horse very generously sent me a bunch of comics (Flikr photos linked in the sidebar) to read for the Girls Entertainment Network (I love that job), and the Buffy books they included rocked my socks. And now I’m really craving Buffy episodes, gorramnit (oops, wrong Whedon show there).

Just wondering … who else do I look like, by chance?

One Response to “Wait, I’m a lesbian now?”

  1. One of my friends calls me a lesbian because I like girls and female folk music.

    (And you’re much prettier than Tara, who’s no slouch herself.)

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