Impulse Creations: October 20 & 27


Whoops! Apparently I forgot to post last week’s Impulse article, so now you get a double dose of comic-y goodness, yo.

Last week I wrote in-depth about why Hush would make the perfect villain for Nolan’s next Bat-film. You can read “Hush the Rumors” here.

And for tomorrow’s Impulse newsletter I whipped up a Halloween special.

Comments at the forum are encouraged and much appreciated! Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Impulse Creations: October 20 & 27”

  1. 1 rdalecowboy

    I was wondering when you would post again, LOL. I completely agree with you about Hush for Bat3. McGregor is an excellent candidate to play Dr. Thomas Elliot. I think they should also have a female villain to fill the role of leading lady. Selina Kyle would work in the Nolan-verse and Talia Al Ghul would be cool since we haven’t seen her on screen before (although that might prove difficult to adapt due to her absence in Batman Begins). Penguin would be cool if he had a small part as the owner of the Iceberg Lounge secretly dealing with the criminal underworld of Gotham.
    As for Halloween, I don’t normally dress up but since I just got a free black and red Connor Kent Superboy T-shirt and all I need now is a pair of blue jeans, black belt and boots, blue eyes, and short dark hair (all of which I have) I guess it won’t be to hard to have a Superboy costume this year.

  2. Hahaha, yeah, I’ve been unbelievably busy. xD You have no idea! I promise to post whenever I can. Don’t stop the rock! 😀

    I’d LOVE to see Selina (and maybe even Talia, hrmm).

    I don’t think we’ll see Penguin, just because Goyer said they won’t be choosing any Bat-villain who has been on-screen before. And considering the Penguin isn’t the most believable character, he wouldn’t really work with Nolan’s trademark realism factor.

    Ohhh! Take pictures and post ’em on your blog if you do, man! Awesome!

  3. 3 rdalecowboy

    I know Penguin is unlikely but he could work in Nolan’s world. They could use the same approach as the last season of B:TAS. He didn’t have the flipper hands or the extreme pointy nose. He was a criminal masquerading as a legitimate business man instead of hanging out with birds in the sewers. I wouldn’t want him to carry the movie but I think he would work as a less significant villain along the lines of Sal Maroni in TDK.
    Now that I think about it, they could throw in a bat-villain cameo like the Scarecrow scene at the beginning of TDK.

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