BOF: October recap


My monthly recap for October is online over at Batman-On-Film. Keep an eye out for my review of NIGHTWING later this month! 🙂


4 Responses to “BOF: October recap”

  1. 1 rdalecowboy

    Well it looks like your BOF reviews of Nightwing will come to an end soon. (Poor Dick Grayson’s show can’t even get a pilot and now his monthly comic is getting canned LOL.)
    Will you be reviewing anything for the site after February?

  2. I know! 😦 I want to know what the crap is going on over at DC right now, seriously.

    (But YES the Grayson’s show got canceled—I did hear that, hehehe.)

    And no idea! I’ll keep you in the loop though.

  3. 3 rdalecowboy

    Yea, that seems strange that all Batman’s trainees are getting the axe. Babs, Dick and Tim are all getting a big fat cancellation for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps Batman forgot to teach them how to maintain a monthly tittle.

  4. Hehe … Dude I dunno, they’re canceling things left and right over at DC and being hush-hush about it all. Coincidentally those three titles were started by Chuck Dixon, but … no idea what’s going on. I wonder if they’re relaunching or something? Because DC hasn’t said that it’s due to sales or anything …

    It’s making me sad LOL.

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