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Yeah, you read that right. I so want to be pwned by Chuck (aka Zachary Levi). Okay, so he’s a fictional character. But still, he’s awesome, and so is this. Traycee and Becky, my fellow writers at the Girls Entertainment Network, attended Thursday’s Gears of War 2 midnight launch celebration at EB Games on CityWalk. […]

Yeesh, where have I been? Well my friends, a LOT of good things have gone down on my end writing-wise. The Girls Entertainment Network is now in contact with all of the major comic book publishers (count ’em—Image, Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel) and there are things of the amazing nature in-the-works over at GEN, […]

This week’s article is another showcase: JOKER, Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch, and Fallen Angel Volume 1. Check it out! Comments at the forum are encouraged and much appreciated! Enjoy! And check back at the end of each week for updates. No time? Subscribe to the Impulse Creations newsletter.