Batmanites, let’s mutiny


Yeesh, where have I been?

Well my friends, a LOT of good things have gone down on my end writing-wise. The Girls Entertainment Network is now in contact with all of the major comic book publishers (count ’em—Image, Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel) and there are things of the amazing nature in-the-works over at GEN, including some fun interviews. Sweet!

In other news … have you voted in the new poll? (Seriously, you can’t have missed the huge banner at the top.) Yup, I’ve started polling again. Let me know what you’d like to see next on the blog! (And I have another poll idea so that will come later.) I’ve been super busy with life and GAH, so … bear with me. 🙂

But anywho … an actual post, omigosh!

If it’s anything like Gotham, turn the fuck around.

Dude, are they serious? Apparently there’s an actual city in southeast Turkey called Batman—and they’re suing Christopher Nolan. (That is SO not what Batman would do—err, wait …) For, like, copyright infringement. And no, I am not shitting you.

“The royalty of the name ‘Batman’ belongs to us … There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us,” Hüseyin Kalkan, the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party mayor, told to the Do?an news agency.

… Cough.

And what is more, the happy-go-lucky residents believe (in Harvey Dent?) that the success of the American movie adaptations has caused the rise in female suicides and unsolved murder rates.

Yeah, because Gotham City is just so much fun that it inspires people to ruin their lives.

What the hell? First of all, there are no copyright laws on cities. And yes, the city’s name might have almost a decade up on the world’s greatest detective, but I’m pretty sure that Batman is called Batman because he’s a man … who dresses up like a bat. Yeah, I think that explanation makes more sense than that Bruce Wayne thought some obscure city in Turkey was pretty nifty and worthy of costumed homage. But I could be wrong. He does get around rather well, after all.

And secondly, hasn’t it been, like, awhile now since the creation of this superhero? Shouldn’t they be taking this up with Bob Kane, the guy who started it all? Except, oh wait, he’s dead (and I’d say may he rest in peace, but Grant Morrison’s kind of beat Turkey to the punch on this one). Yeah. Batman (the not-a-hero hero figure) has been around for, like, seventy-plus years. Yeahhh …

And Christ, poor Chris Nolan. All the guy did was direct two Bat-movies and make a shitload of money and—ohhhh. I get it.


It’s because he directs movies, isn’t it? That’s what they’re after.

;;bangs head on desk;;

Discuss: Turkey is stupid.

3 Responses to “Batmanites, let’s mutiny”

  1. 1 rdalecowboy

    LOL that’s crazy! I wonder what Nolan thinks about it. It seems strange they would target him instead of Warner Bros. or DC. They should reference this in the comics. What if this city tried to sue the Batman of the DCU for infringement and demanded he be found and brought to justice LOL.

  2. It just reminds me of this all over again. 😀

  3. 3 rdalecowboy

    HA HA, Batman vs. Bat Man.

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