Pwned by Chuck (my goal in life)


Yeah, you read that right. I so want to be pwned by Chuck (aka Zachary Levi). Okay, so he’s a fictional character. But still, he’s awesome, and so is this.

Traycee and Becky, my fellow writers at the Girls Entertainment Network, attended Thursday’s Gears of War 2 midnight launch celebration at EB Games on CityWalk. And I’m jealous because they saw those guys. Huh, what about Gears of War 2? Pfft, it’s Chuck and Morgan (Joshua Gomez). 😛

Damnit, California, you’re killing me here. Why are you so far away?

And by the way, if you haven’t been watching NBC’s Chuck … it’s a cute/fun little show, you should. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

(I mean, it has Adam Baldwin, too. Come on.)

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