Go 11th-century grammar


I’m pretty sure this image is strongly offensive, but oh well. Grammar Nazi to the max!

My friend Kate sent me this. An Arabic dude named ibn Hazm was apparently ahead of the curve back in his 11th-century day, because this is how they should teach grammar, man.

from “The Ring of the Dove”

translated from A. J. Arberry

My eye no other place of rest
Discovers, save with thee;
Men say the lodestone is possessed
Of a like property.

To right or left it doth pursue
Thy movements, up or down,
As adjectives in grammar do
Accord them with their noun.

And there’s this …

He perseveres to such excess
In his absurd attentiveness,
That we are known throughout the town
As Messrs. Adjective and Noun.

What the fuck was up with this guy? Still, he’s a hero to English geeks everywhere.


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