RIP ’em a new one


Dear Grant Morrison,

What the Zur-En-Arrh was that crap?! You know what I think of your “Batman RIP” storyline (besides where you can shove it)?

It was a nice wrap-up to the arc.

And no, that’s not nearly as good as a compliment as you think.


It’s because your arc was horrible, so really, unless you’re Pierrot you really couldn’t have messed the conclusion up. I mean, with final issues you’re at least trying to make sense (or God help us, we only hope).

Could you scream, “Do you get it?” any louder, Grant? Because no, we really don’t get it. Who exactly is the villain here? Because it was more than a little ambiguous; no, it’s not you being multi-interpretative and brililant, it’s just poor and choppy writing. Like, you know, the same thing you pumped out for the entire crossover arc we just suffered through. (At least it’s over, whew!)

The thing with Jezebel Jet? Yeah, don’t care. That reveal didn’t work because the dramatic effect just wasn’t strong enough, and in the end she was just a pushover anyway. Sorry, honey. No Villainess of the Year Award for you.

The one thing I did like was that the Joker pretty much pwned the entire Black Glove and Club of Villains society. Thank GOD someone had the guts to tell them how lame they are. 😛

That you’re nuts? Seems so.

The only thing that was consistently good about “RIP” (or just good, really) was the art. Go Tony Daniel!

I have to admit, though: maybe it’s just relief that it’s all finally over, but I’m definitely intrigued as to where this is going. It’s obvious—by my interpretation, anyway—from the Epilogue that Batman is still out there. According to Times Online, even Grant Morrison laughed and said, “Well, do you really think a helicopter crash is enough to kill Batman?” Yeah, I don’t think so.

So who’s supposed to be the real villain? Doctor Hurt is just a sad little man playing dress-up, I’m sorry. He’s really not as tough as he’s pretended to be throughout “RIP.” Hell, no one’s as tough as they pretend to be when Batman’s pissed. Like, “I just dug myself out of a grave after being drugged and betrayed by the woman I loved and thought I knew” pissed. Yup, run the hell away, suckers. (Oh wait, you couldn’t. Sucks to be you!) You’re on the Bat-breakfast menu.

What’s even more confusing is that when the Black Glove is last referenced (before the Epilogue part of the issue), you see Batman’s own black glove smashing through the window of the helicopter. Uhhh, side of internal evil, anyone? Is Morrison suggesting that the real villain of the story is Batman himself—or, metaphorically, the evil we all harbor deep within ourselves? It fits with the storyline, I guess; hey, it’s a more interesting theory than little miss Jet or “Bruce, I’m your father!” “No you’re not, you idiot” Doctor Hurt, anyway.

Make up your mind, Doctor Idiot.

Well, I’m anxious to see where Batman goes next. He’s definitely out there, but in what form, state-of-mind, and purpose … that’s the kicker.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on “RIP”?

One Response to “RIP ’em a new one”

  1. I can’t tell you how hard it is not to read this but I’m avoiding all spoilers until I get to hardcover and read the entire story at one time. Hopefully I’ll make it to Feb. without learning to much.

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