Housekeeping, blah



Hey, everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update. First off, feel free to check out my Girls Entertainment Network, Batman-On-Film, and Impulse Creations articles in the three posts below. They’re pretty much all reviews this time around, because I’m buusyyyy with college finals. X-mas break is almost here, whooo! 🙂

The second order of business is … the poll! Yup, because break is nearly upon me I’ll be revealing the results of the poll soon. So if you haven’t voted already, please do! The link is in the sticky post above (where the huge pic of the Goddamn Batman is). And if you have voted, if you can somehow cheat the system, go for it! I won’t tell.

I’ll probably be ending the poll in a week or so. That’s my goal, anyway, because that way I can go ahead with whatever it is that wins. 😉 Hmmm, I better start planning …

Finally, I just wanted to thank all those who have stuck around and commented for their continued support. And if you’re new to my blog, welcome! Thanks for visiting and drop by anytime!

On to Rasselas … meh.

EDIT: Oh, by the way—suggest-a-topic is on! Leave a comment on this post or any of my Impulse Creations weekly updates (see below) suggesting a good article idea that you’d like to see me talk about over on the Impulse forums, and I might just take you up on it! And of course, drop your name as credit.

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