3 … 2 … 1 … Captain Blasto!


Everyone should check out the “Captain Blasto” webseries, created by Christopher Preksta. It’s awesome!

I’ve talked to Chris (from Pittsburgh, too, hey!) about the show before, back when only a few episodes had premiered online. It’s won a bunch of awards and has gotten superb reviews. Now I’ve posted a brand new interview/review with Chris on the Girls Entertainment Network.

Also, check out captainblasto.com to download cool wallpapers, the awesome soundtrack, and the whole series plus the trailer for FREE—or just catch up on the episodes!

Chris is working in post-production on a new project, “The Mercury Men.” I can’t wait! Here’s one of the two sneak peaks he gave me. You’ll have to read our new interview to see the other high-quality pic.

PS: “Captain Blasto” just MIGHT come out on DVD (including about an hour of deleted scenes) if their upcoming merchandise plans go well, by the way. 😉 Fingers crossed!!


One Response to “3 … 2 … 1 … Captain Blasto!”

  1. I enjoyed Blasto but I felt it ended to quickly. I would have prepared to have a few more eps stretching out the story towards the end.

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