Exploding chairs and the simple things


Has anyone been reading the new Deadpool revamp? I must say, I’ve never read the comic before, so I don’t have very much exposure to the character … but I am absolutely loving this comic.

The new edition is up to issue five now, I believe, and it’s great. Daniel Way is writing some fantastic stuff (and the art is amazing, too). This is especially good for me right now since I’ve been seriously lacking on the Marvel comics scene. (Yes! It’s sad, I know!)

I honestly haven’t been paying attention to the Secret Invasion stuff, but the first story in Deadpool involving the Skrulls was very easy to understand. Plus, it was snarky and hilarious. You get a nice intro to the character, too; the first issue has, like, a shitload of character history at the end, so it’s SO worth looking into—particularly if you’re a new fan like me (or at least a potential one).

Now there are zombies (or “zampires,” more specifically) and underwater shark men. It’s fun stuff, trust me.

Anyway, if you haven’t been tuning in, most definitely do. It’s SO in my pull now. Man, I’m going to be broke. Like Deadpool, hey!

2 Responses to “Exploding chairs and the simple things”

  1. Great news,
    According to the wiki page for the Wolverine movie, Deadpool WILL indeed be scarred at some point in the movie meaning we’ll no doubt be treated to the mask despite the fact we saw his face in the trailer. I’m glad that we will get an accurate looking Deadpool on screen and I bet Ryan Renyolds nails the character. They said most of his smart ass lines from Blade Trinity were improvised by Renyolds on the set. Sounds like just the guy to become the merc with a mouth.

    Fox wants a Deadpool spin-off but only if Wolvie makes some cash so you need to make everyone you know buy a ticket in May and hopefully Deadpool’s solo flick will hit theaters soon.

  2. Oh, sweet!

    A Deadpool movie would be awesome, too. 😀

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