GEN week-in-review: 12-22-08


See what articles I wrote for the Girls Entertainment Network this week, and check back at the end of each week for GEN updates.

Be sure to check out my interview with new comic book writer Greg Padilla and artist Aaron Pittman about their upcoming comic, BOKOR!


5 Responses to “GEN week-in-review: 12-22-08”

  1. 1 strangecolour22

    Brian from Australia here. Long time no comment, 😛
    Hows everything? I hadn’t checked WITA for a long time -nothing personal, just so happens my net and computer have been down- and its looking great now!
    Seems like you’ve re-hashed a lot of the blog. Its pretty-full (which yes, isn’t a word. And i feel kinda bad for using it…)
    Sorry to see you’re playing assasins creed. I hope it doesn’t, you know, harm your intelligence or your ideals in anyway. *sigh*
    So, did you Finish R.I.P.? I did. It was “fun”, but i was expecting something a little more climactic. Morrison i sstruggling latly, aparently.
    I picked up the first trades of a series called ‘Fables’ (which i think you might really enjoy 🙂 ) and one called ‘DMZ’ which is interesting.
    Have you read any 100 Bullets yet?! the Series is nearly over! Get into it, girl!
    I also read “Joker” by Azzarello -who is, incidently, the author of 100 Bullets- Which was awesome, but just to be a picky bastard, i didn’t really like some of the quirks his Joker had. HE occasionallydelved out of the realm of ‘Joker’ and just into ‘Thuggish Loser.’
    but i digress.
    Everything keeping well i hope? How were you holidays? Stay in touch.
    – Brian, AKA Strangecolour22

  2. Heyyyy, man! 😀 Good to hear from you again!

    Haha, no worries! Computer/net all better now, I presume? My holiday season was good, how about yours?

    Thanks for the blog comments! Yeah, I’ve had a fair amount of lazy free time because of break, but I go back to college tomorrow, actually. Boooo new semester. 😉 But I’ve seen a lot of new commentors on my blog lately, which has made me very happy! I’m always excited to read new comments, from old and new commentors alike.

    LOL, yeah … once I finish that game (ugh, spare me?)—which might be a good while, actually, because I’m leaving my PS3 at home to reduce distractions during school (yeah, yeah, I know)—I’ll let you know all about that game. 😛

    Blegh, “RIP.” Lmao, that was such a disappointment, I think. It had a lot of potential, but unfortunately Morrison’s writing was just wayyy too choppy—and I definitely agree it was anti-climatic, haha.

    I’ve heard of Fables before, actually, and all good things. It’s on my list of books to pick up. I’ve never heard of DMZ, though, so I’ll have to check that out. Along with 100 Bullets, I know, I know! I’m getting there, hahaha!

    Ooohhh, I LOVED Azzarello’s Joker, actually. 😉 Oh well.

  3. 3 strangecolour22

    Yeah, i loved the story. The Joker was just a bit too… Sexual, really. I love the Joker that is so inhumane he couldn’t car eless for sexual interaction. What with him Raping Frosts Ex wife, and crying in Harleys arms! AHH! the Joker Greg Rukka brought me up to beleive in wouldn’t lower himself so!
    But other than that, it was fantastic. And i Love, Love LOVED Riddler, -Can’t you just see Guy Pearce playing that Riddler in a Nolan Bat-flick?- and yeah, Azzarello writes 100 Bullets too, so, you know GET ON IT!!
    DMZ i just picked up the first trade of. its interesting, its set in manhattan, which is the ground zero of a second American Civil war. Its pretty hardcore, might be a bit too soon.
    ‘Fables’ is hard to get into, at least for me. I think i’d like the art to be a little more fantastical, not quite Dave Mckean but definetly somethign really twisted like that. But Risso, is by the best at the moment, probably my favourite.
    Yeah, my Holiday’ were good. Still on them at the moment. Taking the next season off down here, gonna get a day job *shudder*. I’m sure you’re cope well with school, someone like you would love it, right? And breeze through?
    And it’ll help that you didnt’ bring your PS3, i suppose -despite the fact i’m and X-Box guy-.
    yeah, RIP was sad. Am i the only one in the world that just wants to see basic, wholesom Batman stories, without the whole goddam DCuniverse becomign involved? No super powers, aliens, laser guns, ultimatums or extreme’ ‘crisis’ anymore, thanks…
    Anyway, let me know how things are, stay in touch!
    – Brian

  4. 4 strangecolour22

    SO effing keen for Season Five LOST!!! you been following the bizzo on IGN? Should get on that, check out the clips… *drools.*
    I love my lost *innocent.*

  5. Hahah, I like the Riddler, but I don’t want him to be in the next Nolan Bat-film, and I don’t think he will be. I think they’re going to go with someone who hasn’t been on screen before; my vote is for Hush or Deadshot.

    I’ll get there! 😀

    Totally with you on the Batman stories sans DCU, man.

    You, too!

    I haven’t been paying attention, actually. LOL. I’ll look up the clips. When does the season start, btw?

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