Pretty burning light


I read this on /Film awhile back, and I totally flipped shit. I love Danny Boyle’s movie, Sunshine (starring Cillian Murphy)—it’s a great sci-fi/astronaut film that doesn’t fail to freak you out, change how you think about the sun, and make you appreciate the safety of earth.

The musical score is by John Murphy and Underworld, plus a song by I Am Kloot. After I watched the movie and immediately looked up the soundtrack info, I was saddened and extremely disappointed to learn that due to copyright issues, an official soundtrack would pretty much never be released.

Well, it’s official, and it’s fantastic—you can buy the entire Sunshine soundtrack via iTunes for only ten bucks. Is it worth it? Hell Yeah. The score is creepy as hell but also beautiful, an interesting and highly unique combination that mirrors the quality of the movie. I love “Sunshine (Adigio in D Minor)” as well as I Am Kloot’s “Avenue of Hope,” one of the two songs (along with “Peggy Sussed”) on the soundtrack that features gorgeous, strong lyrics. But all the songs are fantastic, and there’s twenty-five of them.

A few—and just a few, so don’t get uptight—of the songs have some of the memorable dialogue that played over them in the movie, such as with “Pinbacker Slashes Capa.”

Do yourself a favor. First, see Sunshine (it fucking has Cillian Murphy as the main character, that should be reason enough). Or if you’ve already seen it, watch it again. Then go buy the soundtrack—it’s totally worth the ten bucks, trust me. Best download of the friggin’ year.

6 Responses to “Pretty burning light”

  1. 1 Doug

    No, don’t see “Sunshine”– unless you LIKE movies about very smart people doing very stupid things in order to get themselves killed for no reason whatsoever. Instead, watch “2010.” It has approximately the same plot, with roughly one one-thousandth the blatant idiocy. (If nothing else, “Sunshine”‘s screenwriter, Alex Garland, is a ripoff artist of the highest caliber– and a depressing one at that.) But do check out the “Sunshine” soundtrack. If “Sunshine” itself were even half as good as its music, it would have been a decent movie. As it is, Cillian Murphy and every other member of the cast should be deeply ashamed of themselves for signing on to do that miserable, depressing, illogical mess of a movie. Don’t be fooled by the pretty visuals: in the end, “Sunshine” is a film about smart people making stupid decisions that get them killed. Boo to Danny Boyle, an extra boo to that hack Garland. Watch “2010” instead.

  2. Ouch! Where’s the love? 😉

    Awww, you’re the first person who I’ve asked who didn’t enjoy that movie. I have not, however, seen 2010, but I’ll have to make a point to. Even though I still love Sunshine. 😀

    PS: What pretty visuals? Don’t you mean pretty sunlight burning through your retinas?

  3. I caught this movie on TV the other night & watched it. It was actually very very good. The weird thing is that before seeing it, I had NEVER heard of it before. Sort of like that experience where you hit the video store & see all these DVD movies with HUGE stars on the cover but never heard of the movie at all. How does that happen?

  4. Tommy! 😀 Hey, man!

    Ohhh, awesome! Yeah, I just re-watched it—it’s even better the second time around.

    Haha, I know, right?

  5. Man, I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now, I just haven’t ran across it yet.
    As for 2010, If you’re gonna watch that Steph, you better check out 2001 first. One of, if not the, best Kubrick films.

  6. LOL damn! Gotta add ’em to the movie list, then. 🙂

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