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For those of you who haven’t read the classic graphic novel Watchmen (erm, why haven’t you?) written by Alan Moore, you might not know about the comic-within-the-comic, Tales of the Black Freighter. Basically, Black Freighter mirrors the gruesome reality and happenings within the bigger story—down to virtually every frightening detail. Under the Hood is an […]

No, I’m not talking about Batman and Robin. I’m talking about one superb voice acting team, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, who are considered by diehard fans to be THE timeless voices of Batman and the Joker, respectively. And they’ve returned to basics for the summer 2009 video game that I absolutely can’t wait for, […]

Yeah, so Randy Queen (remember, the writer of Darkchylde?) just sent me something he said he forgot to put in my Darkchylde/Starfall package. More free comics? Aww, shucks! So here’s the story. Randy, et al. were selling Return to Wonderland remarks for $50 a pop back when, recreating the cover art on the back with […]

(Title inspired by a Futurama quote. Good ol’ Futurama.) Planning on picking up a copy of the brand new, double-featured Hulk Vs. movie that comes out tomorrow? I am—and it’s not just because it showcases the very first animated version of Deadpool (definitely a plus, of course). Okay, so it’s on your list on things […]

This week’s Impulse article is an exclusive review of Brent Clark Rogers’ Guide to the DC Universe. Thanks to BCR for the copy! Be sure to take a look and let me know what you think! Remember, comments at the forum are encouraged and much appreciated. Enjoy! And check back at the end of each […]

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So what do you think of 24 (episodes 1-5)? I’m definitely happy with what I’ve seen so far, but what about you? Sound off in the comments, and check out some of my own thoughts after the jump. WARNING: spoilers!