Put a smile on that face


… Because The Dark Knight completely kicked ass at the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards. Here’s a crappy but better-than-nothing video of it topping the ceremony with Favorite Movie, Favorite Onscreen Match-up (Christian Bale/Heath Ledger), Favorite Superhero (Christian Bale as Batman), Favorite Action Movie, and Favorite Cast!

They definitely nailed it in every category—especially with Favorite Onscreen Match-up and Cast (brilliant chemistry between Bale and Ledger, and such an amazing cast).

PS: I bet that compilation of scenes from TDK would have been pretty awesome to see in high-quality. Damn my refusal to watch that awards show! 🙂

[Via Batman-On-Film]

EDIT: Now with a much better video thanks to the Bat-Blog.

4 Responses to “Put a smile on that face”

  1. Oh! This was awesome! I was there, super great.

  2. Were you really? Kick-ass! 😀

  3. Probably the best cast from any movie. Every actor gave an amazing performance.

  4. Agreed.

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