Two Gs for Heath!


Golden Globe, that is. Heath Ledger just won a GG for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. I haven’t been watching the Globes on TV, but I’ve been following /Film’s live update (along with Sciretta’s twitter).

Man, I totally had a geek spasm (which only compares to when I saw Chrono Trigger for the DS—total moment of bliss … and bitterness because I don’t own a DS). The award is so well-deserved, and I’m pretty sure comic book fans everywhere just sent out a mass, world-wide wave of positive energy. This means a lot for the comic book movie genre, and who can we thank but Nolan and the Bat-gang for producing such a revolutionary comic film?

My only disappointment was that there weren’t any other GG TDK nominations, but hey, I’m not going to be picky right now. This only improves TDK‘s chances at an Oscar. Here’s hoping!

PS: If anyone finds a video on Youtube or something with Nolan’s acceptance speech, please let me know!

Thanks to Steve for finding a video! I really wanted to see this. Great speech by Nolan.


One Response to “Two Gs for Heath!”

  1. Can’t wait for the Oscars!

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