Randy strikes again!


Yeah, so Randy Queen (remember, the writer of Darkchylde?) just sent me something he said he forgot to put in my Darkchylde/Starfall package. More free comics? Aww, shucks!

So here’s the story. Randy, et al. were selling Return to Wonderland remarks for $50 a pop back when, recreating the cover art on the back with an original sketch. Evidently Randy did a sketch on the back of two wrong covers, so he spent an hour each on something he can’t sell. But hey, it’s a happy mistake, because Randy told me he was giving away the “oops editions” as gifts, and he wanted to send me one. Yay!

I had to promise it wouldn’t end up on eBay, but I totally wouldn’t have sold it, anyway. It’s too cool!

And here’s mine (Return to Wonderland #1). Snazzy! Thanks, Randy!

He also sent over some pics. Check ’em out!

From the upcoming Darkchylde movie (!!)

Absolutely gorgeous!


3 Responses to “Randy strikes again!”

  1. 1 Matt

    wow with a perk like that you must love your job.
    On a side note: this chick doesn’t seem to be a fan of clothes, why is that?

  2. Hell yeah!

    Haha, Randy Queen’s comic heroines are too cool for clothes! Or is that too hot? Hurmm … 😉

    His books are really good, though. They definitely have more layers to ’em than those girls do. Heheh.

  3. 3 Bryan

    Darkchylde is awesome, but did Randy mention the movie is it still going to happen ?

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