The other Watchmen story


For those of you who haven’t read the classic graphic novel Watchmen (erm, why haven’t you?) written by Alan Moore, you might not know about the comic-within-the-comic, Tales of the Black Freighter. Basically, Black Freighter mirrors the gruesome reality and happenings within the bigger story—down to virtually every frightening detail. Under the Hood is an extra in the Watchmen comic, and it is written as an excerpt from Hollis Mason’s novel about his experiences as the first Nite Owl.

According to /Film, today Warner Brothers announced the details of Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter, which will be released on March 24. Remember, the movie comes out in theaters March 6.

“They’re in the book. And on this disc. From the director of Watchmen and 300 come two tales from the celebrated graphic novel that do not appear in the extraordinary Watchmen Theatrical Feature. Tales of the Black Freighter (featuring the voice of 300‘s Gerard Butler) brings to strikingly animated life the novels richly layered story-within-a-story, a daring pirate saga whose turbulent events may mirror those in the Watchmen’s world. Stars from the Watchmen movie team in the amazing live-action/CGI Under the Hood, based on Nite Owl’s powerful first-hand account of how the hooded adventurers came into existence. Two fan-essential stories. One place to watch the excitement. Watching the Watchmen begins here.”

Under the Hood is included as a featurette titled, “Story within a Story: The Books of the Watchmen.” There’s also a first look at the animated Green Lantern DVD.

If you have a blu-ray player, it looks like the blu-ray edition is the version to pick up. Why? It includes bonus content such as “The WHY of Watchmen” featuring director Zack Snyder, a deleted scene from the film not included in the theatrical release (w00t!) called “The Two Bernies,” and a digital copy of the movie (of this movie, not the actual Watchmen movie … which would have been nice, too). Those digital copies are pretty much insurance for buying blu-ray, FYI, so it’s nearly always worth snatching up the more expensive blu-ray edition when digital copies are included.


2 Responses to “The other Watchmen story”

  1. I, definitely getting this on Blu-ray/

    And Green Lantern, Hell Yeah! I didn’t even know they were working on an animated version.

  2. Me either, actually. Lol.

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