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Sorry this is so late! Gah, lots of articles last week! DC shipments are keeping me busy. 😉 Check back at the end of the week for more GEN updates.

Hullo! Be sure to check out this week’s Impulse feature: my interview with Dan Panosian, the friendly and very talented artist on X-MEN ORIGINS: SABRETOOTH! Yeah, he’s like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man … of art. Remember, comments at the forum are encouraged and much appreciated. Enjoy! And check back at the end of each week […]

If you’re looking for a new Marvel comic to dive into, you should be reading DEADPOOL. If you’re itching for a character reboot comic to get into, choose DEADPOOL. How about just an awesome comic to read? Seriously, go DEADPOOL. If there’s one comic on the top of my pull list right now, it’s … […]

It’s the final issue of NIGHTWING! 😦 Sniff. My review of issue #153 is now online over at Batman-On-Film. Thanks to Bill Ramey and especially you guys for all the great emails I’ve received during my coverage of the comic. 🙂 The experience wouldn’t have been the same without your support! And don’t worry, I […]

According to /Film, there’s a website called—inspired by the moment in Star Wars: A New Hope where Obi-Wan Kanobi says, “That’s no moon … that’s a space station. The website shows nothing more than a giant picture of a Deathstar. Now, that is just awesome. In unrelated news, Nine Inch Nails—one of my favorite […]

I’m definitely excited about the release of the Watchmen animated companion movie, Tales of the Black Freighter. Those who are familiar with the classic graphic novel know just how integral and beautifully incorporated the mini-story is. Check out the new teaser below. If you’re already a diehard Watchmen fan, then you’re probably itching to pick […]

Hey, comic fans! Check out February’s Pull-O-Rama—featuring reviews of BLACK PANTHER #1, LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES #2, X-MEN ORIGINS: SABRETOOTH, and NIGHTWING #153—over at Impulse Creations. My full-length review of the last issue of NIGHTWING will be on Batman-On-Film soon, so stay tuned! And keep an eye out next week—I’ll be posting an interview […]