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This week I’ll be posting a Girls Entertainment Network review of GOTHAM UNDERGROUND, which I received courtesy of DC. I love my job. Anyway, the last page of GU shows a note from Robin tacked on Gordon’s back: “President of the Robin Fan Club.”

Well, I totally want to join. February’s issue of ROBIN comes out today, and I’ll be reviewing it in a Pull-O-Rama article for Impulse Creations at the end of the week. Last month’s issue (ROBIN #182) definitely rocked socks and made a big impact on both Robin’s world and Gotham itself. It was a great read, so if you haven’t picked it up, I completely recommend doing so.

ROBIN #182 (Part Six of “Lost & Found”) was also a “Faces of Evil” comic, featuring the new Anarky, otherwise known as Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong. I haven’t been a particularly huge fan of ROBIN lately—even though the writing by Fabian Nicieza actually has been pretty decent and enjoyable. But it was nothing that really blew me out of the water and had me gripping the pages … until now.

You gotta give Nicieza his props, along with Tim Drake, who totally kicked ass in this issue. He went through a lot but he found and settled into his identity, proving to himself, Spoiler, and everyone else in Gotham City that he doesn’t need to be Batman to be competent and make a true difference. He has his own niche and his own way of doing things, and they’re not going to be just like Batman’s. The city may not have its Dark Knight, but the Boy Wonder is here to stay. Way to go, Robin! The ending was well-deserved, and it sets him up as an excellent contender for the upcoming “Battle for the Cowl.” Things are changin’, and I like the way they’re going. Kudos to Nicieza for closing the storyline on a smart and progressive note.

Discuss: What did you think of “Lost & Found”?


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