BOF: Nightwing #153


It’s the final issue of NIGHTWING! 😦 Sniff.

My review of issue #153 is now online over at Batman-On-Film. Thanks to Bill Ramey and especially you guys for all the great emails I’ve received during my coverage of the comic. 🙂 The experience wouldn’t have been the same without your support!

And don’t worry, I plan to continue contributing to BOF until the title gets back on its feet, in whatever form it might take. Until then, if you have any Batty suggestions for upcoming one-shots/minis/GNs, feel free to sound off in the comments or via email.

UPDATE: On another note … this is COOL. I noticed in the back pages of the new Berserker #0 comic that the Girls Entertainment Network was quoted—in print! Alongside big names (like Erik Larsen, Mark Waid, and the Luna Brothers)! W00t!

The quote comes from a praising review of The Darkness I wrote back in the fall. Check out a full view of the quote section by clicking on the image below.


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