The fishy adventures of Deadpool and Hydra Bob


If you’re looking for a new Marvel comic to dive into, you should be reading DEADPOOL. If you’re itching for a character reboot comic to get into, choose DEADPOOL. How about just an awesome comic to read? Seriously, go DEADPOOL. If there’s one comic on the top of my pull list right now, it’s … well, you get the idea … right?!

Every month I’ve been looking forward to another installment of DEADPOOL, currently written by Daniel Way. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve never been into the Merc with a Mouth until now—reboots (or whatever the hell this is) are usually a great way to get into a character you’ve never had much exposure to before. And man, am I glad I did. Deadpool is now one of my favorite comic book characters, mainly thanks to Way’s priceless writing that provides the Merc with hilarious lines and ridiculously awesome situations. It helps, too, that artist Paco Medina, the colorists (Marte Gracia and Raul Trevino), and the inkers (Juan Vlasco and Sandu Florea—I love Florea) transform every page into a visual wonderland.

In Part 2 (“What about Bob?”) of “How Low Can You Go?” (DEADPOOL #7), Deadpool belatedly saves the creepy-admirey Hydra Bob from drowning after Tiger Shark’s attack … and then goes for some tacos. It’s not long, however, before their fishy friend rejoins them, and by the end of the issue Deadpool learns just who is behind the assassin attempts on him (three guesses who).

Daniel Way has me laughing out loud and shamelessly declaring my love for this red-and-black, cocky, gun-loving anti-hero. If he and the artists keep up this kind of good work, I just might push Batman aside and set up a shrine to Deadpool.

Okay, that would never, ever happen.

… And I don’t have a shrine, either.


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