Watchmen is nigh


Oh my freaking God, Watchmen is almost here! If you’re not sure whether you should go see it, just go. The graphic novel is brilliant, and I’ve been hearing good things about the movie.

I checked out a pretty cool viral website for the movie today via /Film. I didn’t watch much of the ten-minute interactive trailer narrated by Rorschach, but what I did let myself see was pretty awesome. Man, I love Jackie Earle Haley’s vocal interpretation of the character. It sound so natural!

Discuss: Will you be there on opening day?


4 Responses to “Watchmen is nigh”

  1. 1 intricatethought

    I’m definately going to see it, and I’m sure it will be brilliant!

  2. 2 WITA

    I can’t wait to see Rorschach on the big screen. 😀

    By the way, someone on Twitter was having problems figuring out the last answer to the Rorschach test, so I played it the trailer without sound to figure them all out (and avoid “spoilers,” haha). The answer that corresponds with Dr. Manhattan is HELICOPTER. 🙂 I was trying things like “atom,” “hydrogen,” “bomb,” “mushroom,” “cloud,” and “fallout” … but nope, helicopter.

  3. 3 calebcherry

    I’m almost done rereading the book for the first time in AGES. I have not been this excited for a movie to come out in a LONG LONG time.
    The funny thing is I don’t feel like I have really high expectations for this movie.
    I think a lot of people are all of a sudden becoming skeptical about the movie… especially after that Wired (I think it was Wired) put out that article with Alan going on and on and on like he always does about his books becoming movies.

    Despite the hype and the anti-hype…. I’m just genuinely excited. I was never the biggest DC universe fan, sure I enjoyed the newest Batman movies, but I wasn’t giddy as a school boy for them to come out.

    This year I get Watchmen, GI Joe, Wolverine (WITH GAMBIT!!!), and another empty but pretty looking Transformers movie.


  4. 4 WITA

    Yeah, but the wise know that Alan Moore will never be happy without any movie based off on one of his books. They’re his babies. 😛

    I mean, I thought the V for Vendetta movie was pretty sweet … even though I haven’t read the book (keep meaning to) and I hear it’s not that close to the source. Oh, well, lol!

    Yeah, I agree with you … except the Batman part. 😉 HUGE Batman fan, obviously, haha!

    W00t, can’t wait for Wolverine, too! And yeah, there are some other ones I’m looking forward to, like Transformers and Terminator (with Bale, mm Bale).

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