Again with the angst


What else is this movie going to throw at us innocent fans? Okay, maybe we’re not so innocent, but we don’t deserve this crap.

First there was the Fox/Warner Bros. court brawl over the rights to Watchmen, and now there’s the recently released info about the DVD/blu-ray.

My friend Brandon (who owns a comic shop and draws comic book art, automatically making him awesome) said that Tales of the Black Freighter would be included on the Watchmen DVD, as well—so I figured I might as well wait. Well, I did a little searching, and to our frustration it turns out Warner Bros. are sneaky bastards (and Fox is probably going to roll in this dough, so screw them, too):

So if you’re not clear: the DVD/Blu-ray will come in two versions. One is a director’s cut that is 3 hours 10 minutes, featuring scenes cut from the 2 hour 36 minute theatrical release; the other version is the 3 hour 25 minute “ultimate cut” that will feature the director’s cut footage as well as intercuts back and forth between Watchmen and Tales of The Black Freighter.

Yeah, you might have noticed the problem with this: there’s no way the so-called “ultimate cut” could possibly cover all of Tales of the Black Freighter—and there’s no mention of the Under the Hood feature. So what the hell is the point of the “ultimate cut,” besides to drag the already long and then longer movie down even more? One of the reasons Black Freighter wasn’t included in the theatrical cut is because some things don’t translate well to different mediums … and this is one of them. I really think switching from live-action to animation will look silly in a film like Watchmen, and although it’ll be kind of cool since it’ll mimic the book more closely, I don’t think it’s worth buying the longest version unless you can turn the intercuts off. If you can’t, trying to watch the movie will become annoying, probably spawning the desire to buy the director’s cut, as well—to the delight of those greedy assholes.

At any rate, there will be more details about the differences later on—closer to when the DVD/blu-ray releases (probably late July, around SDCC time). Let’s hope that press release gives us something to look forward to.

Discuss: What version will you buy?


12 Responses to “Again with the angst”

  1. Awwww shucks! Thanks, Steph! I would rather them release the original cut, director’s cut, ultimate director’s cut, best boy cut, etc. than have them start churning out direct to dvd sequels or worse….

  2. 2 WITA

    Hahaha, that’s true. And definitely no sequels, please!

    Heheh, Watchmen cartoon. I’m not sure which is more messed up: Watchmen or that fake Saturday morning cartoon intro. 😛

  3. I’ve decided I’m waiting at least three years to buy Watchmen on DVD. I figure that way, they’ll have released every version of it they’re going to release. My goal is to buy the most ridiculously long version of this movie I can get. I want it to top six hours. 🙂 The switching to and from animation might be hard to watch, but I don’t even care. I want it all in there, in one massive, bloated film. Only then will I buy the DVD.

    @B. Wilt: Bent Wookie Comics? That place is like 20 minutes from where I work. 🙂

  4. 4 WITA

    Hahahaha, bloated like maggot-infested corpses floating on a bloody ocean? 😉

    Shit, what? Seriously? I saw in your twitter profile that you were from Pennsylvania, too, but holy crap! Yes, Bent Wookee Comics! 😀 I go to college near there (I’m sure you can guess where I’m referring to … certain mountain cat?), and Brandon ever so generously offered to make occasional comic drop offs—since I have no car and had a week’s long deadline to review NIGHTWING for Batman-On-Film (well, until it got canceled, anyway)! Thus, he’s the coolest comic book shop owner ever. Whoa, man! That’s crazy!

  5. Hey, I’m super close. Kind of. I live in Greensburg, but I used to live near Johnstown. I haven’t been to Bent Wookee, but I know of it. Back in the day, I rocked Comic Book Ink hardcore. 🙂

    Man, he dropped off your comics? That’s insanely awesome.

  6. 6 WITA

    Where I live at home is pretty close to Greensburg—Joy’s Japanimation, anyone?

    He still does! Very awesome indeed.

  7. Joy’s Japanamation is approximately 9cm from my apartment! This is too crazy.

  8. 8 WITA

    Haha! That’s crazy awesome!

  9. Yes, “insanely awesome”……and HUMBLE.


  11. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

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