Top Five Hat-Tippable Comics


There was some chatter in the Twitterverse today about Top Ten Comics, and it gave me the idea to come up with my own list to show you what titles I’ve been reading and enjoying the most lately. Except I’m only doing five, because I’m a rebel (read: lazy, and it’s Friday, damnit, “I’ll do what I wan’!”) like that. So in no particular order, here are my favorites.

1. Marvel’s DEADPOOL

Daniel Way continues to impress with hilariously entertaining and crazy Merc adventures, crisply rendered by Paco Medina. By far, DEADPOOL stacks up as one of the comics I look forward to each month—and if you haven’t jumped into this reboot, you’re missing out on something golden, my friends. I’ve never been a Deadpool fan before, but Way has me laughing out loud at the character’s monthly antics.

The plot may be ridiculous half the time, but it works perfectly with the unpredictable nature of Wade Wilson—whose split-minded narration and snarky quips make the comic worth reading. When writing’s done right, egotistical and greedy assholes like Deadpool are just plain fun. Way delivers that in spades.

2. IDW’s Locke & Key

Welcome to Lovecraft proved one of the best and most innovative comics I read last year, and the second volume, Head Games, follows up on that excitement.

Joe Hill warps a story of three siblings whose father was murdered before their eyes into a mythological, intensely gripping horror ride of strange keys, secrets, and the power of the imagination—all fantastically brought to life by the artist, Gabriel Rodriguez. Locke & Key defies typical conventions of the genre, and each issue hooks you even more. This is what comics should be: damn good.

3. Image’s THE SWORD

The Luna Brothers—talented as both writers and artists—team up yet again for THE SWORD, a character-focused tale with mythology paving its way. The Lunas are known for their stunning cliffhangers as much as they are for their well-crafted stories; this one lives up to those expectations.

Dara Brighton sets out for revenge against the dangerous trio who robbed her of her family and turned her and two friends, Julie and Justin, into highly sought fugitives. The power of the Sword—which can heal, seriously turn back the clock on aging, and cut through just about anything (making for some wicked visuals)—offers Dara the means to her goal, but literally taking out gods won’t be as easy as a swing of the Sword.

You can read my interview with the creators over at the Girls Entertainment Network.

4. Top Cow’s The Darkness

Phil Hester introduces a whole new level of pain to Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado’s life, and damn, who knew delighting in such dark and soulless (literally) insanity would be so satisfying? And Michael Broussard makes the voyeurism so pretty. You know. In a gory, evil way.

Not only has Jackie been assigned the task of tracking down and putting those on the hell lord Sovereign’s list out of commission if he wants to ever regain his soul, but he has to deal with the moral implications of each assassination—and I’m talking about more than just a slice-n-dice crisis. The shit keeps hitting the fan and then some as Hester ups the game with each consistently strong issue.

5. Dark Horse’s Gigantic

Picking only five comics isn’t easy, and I wasn’t sure which one should earn the final spot on my Top Five, but I wanted to give a shout out to the new series, Gigantic. What can I say? I love my sci-fi.

Rick Remender’s comic premise of Earth being a TV show recently stamped with the fate of being canceled isn’t new, but the interesting way he executes the storyline alongside the beautiful pencils and colors of Eric Nguyen and Matthew Wilson, respectively, turns Gigantic into something worth reading. Plus, the back covers of each issue would totally make awesome promo posters. Just sayin’.

Discuss: Whaaaat, no Batman, you say? Well, let’s face it. Batman comics suck lately. Thank you very much, Grant Morrison.

What are your Top Five?


2 Responses to “Top Five Hat-Tippable Comics”

  1. 1 nick

    I just started reading Deadpool, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised (because I’m not a huge Way fan). My favorite sequences are the ones where Wade randomly begins daydreaming in the middle of a fight, especially when those daydreams come in the form of Tiny Titans-esque sequences, where all the characters tell Wade how cool he is.

    My top five … I know I’m going to forget something, but right now: 1) Walking Dead, 2) Criminal/Incognito, 3) Fear Agent, 4) Punisher MAX, 5) Thunderbolts.

  2. 2 WITA

    LOL I know. The comic is rockin’ socks right now!

    Ohhh, I totally need to get caught up with The Walking Dead! W00t zombies!

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