If the Batcave were the Dollhouse


A friend of mine offered me some 1973 comic book dolls he found stashed away in his basement. I took the Batman ones—sans Robin, who was just freaking me out. Thought I’d share a pic!

For more pictures of these guys, check out my Flikr (link in the sidebar).


3 Responses to “If the Batcave were the Dollhouse”

  1. 1 molotovcupcake

    Aww! I want to round them all up and give them hugs. Was Robin THAT weird? D:

  2. 2 WITA

    LOL yeah, he was. Reminded me of this (the one on the left): http://www.batmanobviously.com/?p=919

    At least it wasn’t the one on the right, huh? 😀

  3. 3 nick

    There is only one super-villain tailor in Gotham City. And if you want anything other than purple pin-striped pants, you are fucked.

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