There should be more Arkham comics


There are lots of good comics out there that take place in Arkham Asylum. Most notably … Arkham Asylum, back when Grant Morrison wrote smart Batman comics.

Amidst the wave of guano to hit the DC streets, BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL – ARKHAM ASYLUM, despite its annoyingly long name, shines as one as the brightest in a row of dull rocks. And that’s saying something, considering Arkham is all about the dark recesses of your mind and all that happy stuff.

David Hine really seizes the moment, that’s for sure. The story, narrated by Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, fits perfectly in between recent “RIP” and post-“RIP” events: the usurping of the asylum by the Black Glove and the destruction of Arkham, mainly. ARKHAM ASLYUM connects a few of the shattered pieces Morrison left behind in a comic fleshed out with both typical and less common rogues. Amazingly, Hine seems to grasp the true, engrossing nature of insanity “RIP” was shooting for; instead, that crossover finished as a scrambled mess of idiocy.

Flipping the pages of this comic, on the other hand, is like going home again—literally, back to Arkham Asylum and its chilling madness. Perfect. Not to mention Hine sets the groundwork for a ripe opportunity concerning Arkham that I would love future writers to explore (much like Dini with HEART OF HUSH).

Also, Zsasz reminds me why I love him (and not literally, you smartasses).

That is just sick. And fucking hilarious.

That is just sick. And fucking hilarious.

5 Responses to “There should be more Arkham comics”

  1. 1 Matt

    lol, I love the big and bold “buy it”, it leaves me with an unsettling ambiguous on-the-fence feeling about where you stand ;-).

    I might just have to pick this up for free comic book day, just for the above panel, that’s 100% awesome in a very dark and funny way.

  2. 2 nick

    Total win. I loved this, too! The introduction of those prisoners buried deep within Arkham was terrific, as was the way Hine wrote Jeremiah Arkham — as this disturbed guy that walks a very strange line meandering between total insanity, a complete god-complex, and really wanting to help (certain) people.

    What did you get out of the end, though, when that faceless guy (No Face?) paints himself with what looks to be Joker makeup, while seemingly narrating as Amadeus Arkham?

  3. 3 WITA

    @Matt You know I just have to play games.

    Uhm, you know you just can’t pick any comic and be like, “I want this for free,” dude. There are a select number of free comics, but really you go for the mega sales.

    @Nick I thought it was twisted. I’m not sure what it means other than it left me with some awesome sense of foreboding about the future of Arkham—and really, wouldn’t it be cool to give Arkham that major facelift that Jeremiah was talking about? 😀

  4. 4 Matt

    I just looked up FCBD on wikipedia, I know surprise, and was disappointed by the fact it’s only a select few comics made to rope newbies like me in, now oddly I feel like a baby cow being lead to a slaughter :-).

    “Major face-lift” as in maybe without the help of Lock-Up their security can stop being the wet paper bag that it is?

    • 5 WITA

      You have no idea, Matt.

      Well, it’ll be more like a pretty paper bag, drawn by Jim Lee to lure in the crazies and the naive. But yeah, Arkham should strike back for once in a twisted way.

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